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Security Systems & Monitoring

Let us protect what matters the most to you. Whether it is the contents of your home or business, or it is the people inside, we can help. Our products and knowledge can cover for a variety of alarms and troubles such as break-ins, fire, flood, medical emergencies, hold-ups, and panic situations. There really isn’t much we cannot protect or monitor for you. For most clients monitoring can cost less than a dollar a day!​


Does your living room lack entertainment power? How about your conference room? Can you do the things you want with ease? Can you entertain your family and friends where you would like to? Inside, out on the deck, by the firepit? Does your conference room have the tools needed for guest presentations, team collaboration, visual presentations, etc.? If you answered no to any of these questions – give us a call!​

CCTV Security Systems​

In many cases we need to see what is happening around our homes or businesses. Surveillance systems or closed circuit televisions (CCTV) are the most effective way to do so. With the ability to use an App to view cameras you can check in whenever you want. The video is recorded to a local hard drive or it can be stored in the cloud. Talk to us today about any surveillance needs you may have and we can find the right solution for you.

Home Theaters/Media Rooms​

We love talking about any and all entertainment areas of the home, especially one that has added value to family time. A date night at home, a movie night, a gaming tournament for the kids, or just a battle between siblings on their favorite video game. These are all possible with a dedicated media room. Typically done with a screen and projector, advanced audio components, and extra flair like lighting, reclining theater seats, and acoustic treatments.​


In our ever changing world internet connections have become a huge part of our lives. Ideal security and Communications has the answer for whatever you need. Whether you need WiFi coverage help, network lines ran for the best speed and reliability, or just a general improvement for your lifestyle. We are here to help. We know how frustrating it can be when you’re trying to stream a movie and it keeps buffering or the resolution is horrible. We also have children who NEED internet for that last minute school project or homework assignment. There isn’t much we do any more that doesn’t require internet. No need to stress over things that you may not understand, call the company that you can trust to work it all out.

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Residential lighting controls typically are misunderstood and thought to be way too expensive to make sense to do. We are glad to inform you they are not! We usually start with the important things like outdoor flood lights and the main pathway into the house. With lighting controls you can have lights turn on and off by schedule, by voice, or by event. We can also have your phone’s location activate alerts “You left the kitchen light on. Would you like to turn it off now?”. Wouldn’t it be nice not to ever return to a dark house? With a simple lighting control system your driveway lights, the main entry hallway, your kitchen, and any other light circuit you choose could turn on as you get within a thousand feet of your home. No need to worry about tripping over the kids toys left out or finding a surprise visitor in your living room when you turn the lights on. (Ask us about automated shades to help control light, privacy, and energy consumption in your home)


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